Nanobubbled-infused Hydrogel Bootie/Sock


  • Recommended by Physicians
  • Simple and easy application.
  • Safe and non-invasive.
  • Drug free.
  • Rapid and deep penetration of O2 and CO2 into skin.
  • Reduction of symptoms.
  • Potential reduction of complications such as diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Lasting effects with periodic use.

NoxyPure novel therapy compared to current treatment options

For most patients current treatment options for diabetic neuropathy are inadequate:

  • Vitamin B1-B12 therapy, as well as physical therapy may help some patients, but overall are not very effective.

  • There are many prescription drugs on the market that are indicated for neuropathic pain. However, they are usually expensive, have limited efficacy, and are often plagued with side effects that may outweigh their benefits. 

  • Topical delivery of Oxygen has shown to be effective in some cases. However, the most effective way to deliver oxygen transdermally is through hyperbaric-tank therapy; this technique is extremely expensive, not reimbursed by insurance companies, presents potential risks, and is also very inconvenient. 

  • PeriphEX is exploring a novel approach to the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. PeriphEX uses nanotechnology to deliver O2 and CO2 to the nerves and to the subcutaneous tissues in order to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy and potentially to reverse the evolution of the neuropathic disease (as suggested by preliminary clinical data).


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