NoxyPure Therapeutic Nanobubbles - NoxyPure Therapeutic Nanobubbles
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NoxyPure Therapeutic Nanobubbles

For long-lasting relief of numbness, tingling, burning and nerve pain up to several months, apply NoxyPure every other day until all applications are used.

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NoxyPure Customer Reviews

Joe S
Significant Change
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For several years I have had numbness in my feet, caused by peripheral neuropathy. There is no real cure or treatment for this, though there are many 'you must do this now' advertisements that can be seen on the internet. Using NoxyPure treatments over time has significantly reduced this numbness, that is more acute in cold weather. These treatments are reasonably easy to use, and are delivered directly to my doorstep. This relief is welcomed and after each treatment the benefits can be felt, increasing effectiveness over the 5 treatment packages. While this is a new product, this may well slow the long-term problems associated with this type of neuropathy. Thank you PeriPhex.
Alex P
Pain Elimination
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My 89 year old mother has had Peripheral Neuropathy in her feet for over 10 years due to heart disease. After 5 treatments with NoxyPure over a 10 day period, she experienced almost complete pain elimination! It was the first time in over 10 years that she had relief!
Richard B
Huge Difference
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I’ve been using Noxypure for over a year and it has made a huge difference in the way my feet feel. I developed neuropathy in both feet as a result of long-term Immunosuppressive therapy taken for a kidney transplant I received in 1995. For years I thought there was nothing I could do about it and then I read about nanobubble therapies. Unfortunately, the equipment is big and very expensive. I came across Noxypure and everything changed. I started using it and after a few months I noticed that my toes no longer hurt when I got a pedicure. They feel great today and I continue to use Noxypure every other day when I receive my order. I recommend everyone who suffers with foot neuropathy try this solution.
Roxane M
Nighttime pain reduced
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I did not know what to expect when I tried NoxyPure.  I have Neuropathy and the pain in my feet is worse at night.  Without any expectations, the numbing and burning in my feet was reduced!  I am ordering more for my nightly program!
Noticeable Improviements!
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I started using NoxyPure after experiencing neuropathy symptoms and I am very impressed with this product’s results and ease of use.  After just a few treatments I experienced a noticeable improvement in numbness, tingling and dry skin associated with my neuropathy.  Importantly, the positive effects seem to last for several weeks after a course of consistent treatments.  I will definitely be using this product on a regular basis going forward.
Jerry C.
I am convinced
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I was introduced to NoxyPure by a massage therapist who believed it would help the neuropathy in my feet.  I do believe it has.  For me, after a 4-5 week regimen consisting of one treatment a week, I usually can go as much as a month and a half without further treatment.  The product does work; I am convinced.  Please keep up your research and publish information and updates as you are able.  Hopefully, the more the issue is recognized, the more likely permanent solutions will be found and wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Using NoxyPure is easy and relaxing. Slip your feet into your NoxyPure filled booties (included). The hydrogel is cool and refreshing. Soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes each application while at your desk or watching TV. Each order ships with 10 pouches. 

NoxyPure’s nanobubble technology is a convenient therapy that helps to immediately increase your tissue’s local oxygen concentration.

NoxyPure is a technological breakthrough in localized transcutaneous oxygen delivery to improve cells and tissue health.

NoxyPure is Effective and Safe!

Dr. Doug Grimm's Recomendation on NoxyPure

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How to Apply NoxyPure

Why Use NoxyPure

Why Use NoxyPure

  • Alleviate symptoms such as Nerve Pain, Tingling, Numbness and Loss of Sensitivity affecting the extremities (feet and hands)
  • Simple drug free non-invasive application
  • Rapid and deep penetration of oxygen and carbon dioxide absorbed into the tissue
  • Oxygen Nanobubbles directly increase cell oxygenation.
  • Carbon Dioxide Nanobubbles signal the body to bring more red blood cells carrying oxygen.
  • Improves skin condition
  • Potential reduction of diabetic foot complications such as Wounds and Ulcers
  • Measurable results after just 5 NoxyPure treatments
  • Lasting effects with periodic use. Many of our customers report getting up to several months of relief.
Zvi Yaniv – Inventor & Founder of Periphex
Dr. Zvi Yaniv Ph.D. & Founder

Like many of you, I have suffered from Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy for most of my adult life.  As a scientist – I am curious by nature and found myself completely frustrated and underwhelmed by the treatments that were available to address my pain and discomfort.   As a result, I spent 4 years studying the causes of my condition and underlying symptoms and developed what I believe to be the most effective and safest approach to managing neuropathic pain.   I urge you to try it and hope it will bring you the relief that it has brought to me and so many others. 


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