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What are Physicians and Users saying?

Physician’s Testimonials


“NoxyPure is an easy to use product…a very natural treatment that has not shown side effects” “The biggest improvement I’ve consistently seen in my patients is the amount of sleep they are getting at night”
Dr. Douglas Grimm, DPM
“I’ve had patients have significant decrease in pain which has allowed them to get off of several other medications” “Patients are suddenly able to perform a lot of day-to-day activities which were a real struggle prior to their treatment” “Any patient that is having tingling, numbness, or burning pain can potentially benefit from NoxyPure"
Dr. Jeffery LaMour DPM
“When I started my first treatment of NoxyPure, my expectations were small. So many treatments do not work! But I had hope for this product as the nanobubble science is sound. After five days of a pack each day, there was no immediate difference in the burning feeling in my feet. But after a couple of months, I suddenly realized that my feet were no longer burning at night and those first steps in the morning did not feel like walking on stones. The relief came on gradually and completely. My hands also improved along with other spots of tingling and numbness that appear throughout my body.

I’m continuing the treatments as my symptoms start reappearing. Today I even ordered the box of gel packets to be delivered overnight so I could start feeling normal quicker. I’m truly thankful that this works for me!”
Katherine Stenzel
“I recently tried NoxyPure for my Plantar Fasciitis and the results were great. It allowed me to enjoy a day of walking at a theme park. I will keep some on hand for those major flair up days.”
Jess Hewlett
“The sensation after 30 minutes of soaking is amazing, my feet feel energized and the skin is the most supple has ever been”
Paul Burton
“I am 80 years old and have diabetic neuropathy in my feet. It was so bad I could not walk 10 feet before I had to sit down. My pain level on scale 1 to 10 was at a 7. Eight days ago I purchased 3 treatments of NoxyPure after 3 treatments my pain level went to 3. I just ordered 5 more treatments. NoxyPure works”
Sophia Young