Proprietary Nanobubble Technology
Relieves Nerve Pain, Tingling and Numbness
Drug Free with No Side Effects



NoxyPure is made by infusing billions of Nanobubbles of Oxygen into Pure Water that is sterilized and transformed into a gel. It is a natural product, without any chemical active ingredient and no reported side effects.


Nanobubbles are extremely small bubbles of gas (1,000 times smaller than the thickness of human hair) suspended in water and invisible to the naked eye. Due to their extremely small size, these bubbles contain a very high concentration of gas, are stable, and diffuse easily through the skin deeply into tissue. There is scientific evidence that topical application of nanobubbles of O2 and CO2 can alleviate pain in patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

Effects of Nanobubbles


Nanobubbles penetrate deeply into tissue, preferentially targeting hypoxic (lack of oxygen) areas. The steady release of O2 from the nanobubbles continues to provide oxygenation and continued therapeutic relief.


Inflow of O2 to the hypoxic cells increases and improves their metabolism(vitality), progressively healing and returning tissue to its normal natural health. Nanobubbles of Oxygen also have a demonstrated anti-inflammatory effect as well as a protective effect on neurons.


Many debilitating symptoms caused by the oxygen deprived state of the
tissue will progressively diminish or even disappear. For more lasting
effects, treatment is repeated regularly.


“I recently tried NoxyPure for my Plantar Faciitis and the results were great.

It allowed me to enjoy a day of walking at a theme park.

I will keep some on hand for those major flair up days.”

Marcella Simms
“The sensation after 30 minutes of soaking is amazing,
my feet feel energized and the skin is the most supple has ever been”